Principles Supporting Sustainable Design

Minimize energy use.
Design for sustainable materials.
Use recycled building materials to minimize the mining of virgin materials.
Use "cradle-to grave" (life cycle) analysis in decision-making for materials and construction techniques.
Prevent activities that emit waste or pollutants.
Minimize disruption of natural systems.
Preserve wildlife habitats and biological diversity of area ecosystems.
Restore damaged natural systems through regenerative design approaches.
Encourage the reduction in water use. Implement water harvesting from surfaces.
Use local materials and native plants to reduce transport.
Consider effect on soft and hard landscaping due to climate change.
Encourage garden/landscape/park maintenance to reduce use of equipment powered by fossil fuels.
Propose alternatives to chemical pesticides/herbicides.
Design for on-site composting of organic waste.
Promote the preservation and planting of trees and vegetation that absorb carbon dioxide and air pollutants.